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Sail Rock Everyday

New Way Diving Beach Shop guarantee* Sail Rock Everyday


Sail Rock is one of the premier dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand, and many shops do not go there. Since New Way Diving have two boats we can guarantee everyday, providing the weather allows it. 

Every day we head there for 2 dives, with a return of around 1:30pm. This trip costs 2,900 THB per person. 

The trip includes all equipment rentals, Breakfast, Lunch and refreshments.


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New Way Diving Koh Tao is a divers' Dive Shop - we all actively dive and each share a passion in the industry. As a result we have each divers' interests at heart with our varied and exceptionally affordable fun diving and continuing education courses. We’re never over crowded, we dive up to 5 times a day on 2 different boats, and we visit all of the best dive sites Koh Tao has to offer. When you dive with New Way Diving we’ve got your best interests at heart, that’s why we offer the following:

– Don’t want an overcrowded dive site?
Get to the morning dive sites first…

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– Want the chance of going to the top 2 dive sites locally to Koh Tao?
We dive Chumpon Pinnacle or South West Pinnacle more than any other dive school.

– Want to dive longer?
We dive for up to one hour. We can arrange for one of our trainees to finish the dive with you if you let us know.

– How big are the diving groups?
You will only ever dive with similarly qualified divers and always in groups of 4 or less (often less!)

– Want to dive to Sail Rock?
We’re the only company on the island that GUARANTEES a trip there 3 times per week providing conditions are suitable.

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